Sunday, October 09, 2005

Indie Rock Ephemera

Oh what the long as I'm at it here's The Archers of Loaf with a brief homage to Magic Dirt's Adalita at the begining of Distance Comes In Droves from a live set (not their posthumous live album). The groups were touring together.

A recent Largehearted Boy link lead me to an attempt to rehabilitate the final AoL album White Trash Heroes. I read the piece, it's great. Got excited. Pulled out the CD. Still a dud. Damn.

Funny to think about how much Xgau loved 'em, how they were the next Pavement, etc. I still sort of like Vee Vee when I (rarely) think of it. The one track I continue to play (which is not the same as saying I think it's their best song, but it seems to have aged well) is Assasination on Xmas Eve (from the same live set as the above). The live tape is kind of disturbing, as there are a number of moments where it sounds like Eric Bachman is imitating himself (i.e. that he doesn't really sing like that). At those moments, he sounds kinda dumb.

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