Sunday, October 30, 2005

In the end, it comes down to lack of time. I didn't want this blog to degenerate into a catalog of my likes and dislikes, but I haven't had the time to spend on researching, returning emails, shopping, writing, etc. And it's not going to get any easier, so I'm pulling the plug. Two years is a pretty good run.

Newsworthy items that I won't be writing about: The Orchids are back in the studio working on new material (and their reissues are selling like hotcakes over at Parasol). The band's website is here. I'm advised that Farewell Aldebaran is getting reissued in the UK in November.

Mysteries not solved/pieces not written: I never did find out anything about Mass Tango. Even though they offered to help, I didn't have time to do a piece on the 2nd Rat At Rat R album. I didn't have time to do a full piece on Linda Smith (someone else really needs to do that, especially with regards to her 3rd and 4th tapes which are mostly unavailable). Didn't have time to write about the Sunny Sunday Smile compilation (sorry Mike, and thanks for helping with that). Never wrote the bit on The Technical Jed (in addition to their pretty-good albums proper, I wanted to post their split single that includes Kurt Heasley's first co-writes, on two tracks by Twitch Hazel...mostly of historical interest). Never tracked down the Christmas demos that I've heard exist. Never managed to interview Steve Groves. Never did a comprehensive piece on Mofungo/The Scene Is Now. Even though I went through all kinds of trouble to get a copy of The Beats (nee Upbeats) CD, I won't be doing a final bit on them (some Pete Buck fan can do the honors) so you'll be spared my complaints about the omission of Jello Party Mania from that. The list goes on and on.

And I never did manage to find out anything about Alison Farthing, who wrote the book that gave this blog its name. I wonder whatever happened to her.

Thanks to Matthew Perpetua for (mostly) inventing the mp3 blog format, and for helping me get started way back when. Thanks to all the musicians who took the time to answer my questions, send mp3s, etc. (and I'll single out Rick Brown who went well beyond the call of duty). Thanks to everyone who's read and/or commented. Special thanks to the members of The Wayfarers (my first big "scoop") for being so damn nice and helpful, and I hope your album gets reissued someday.

I'll continue to respond to comments and emails, as time permits. I assume that, until he gets his act together, I'll remain the go-to guy for Hilly Michaels fans desperately seeking Calling All Girls.

It's been much more fun than I ever would have expected.

Time by Paul Williams
Have We Time by The Wayfarers
Confidence by Linda Smith
Jello Party Mania by The Upbeats
Side 1 of ??? by ??? (someone else gets to do this band...if you've always thought that early Royal Trux doing The Fall was a good idea, here you go)

I guess I'll have to update this final post from time to time, due to compelling circumstances. For example, Leslie Medford of The Ophelias just posted a comment, complete w/email address, in which he invites correpondence. Send him your questions.

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