Monday, September 19, 2005


Red, Hot, and what the fuck?

Old record shopping story. I'm leafing through 10" records at a Park Slope music store that doesn't exist anymore (not Holy Cow) and I noticed the above. It's got great packaging, I'll say that. Kind of a collection of essays (that will not change your life) about young artistes and the horrible problems they have dealing with disease, starvation and...oh, I mean dating and deciding whether or not to try out bisexuality.

Anyways, I'm reading through it and suddenly have a minor heart attack as I notice that there's a (oblique and non-incriminating) reference to my wife in one of the articles on couples and how awful they are!

(Before meeting me, she had dated a somewhat well-known DC musician who was kind of in Fugazi for about ten seconds. He's very nice, so don't take that "about ten seconds" thing as snark. Both she and he have distinctive names...even though the reference is along the lines of "x is dating y" with "x" and "y" being an example of a couple, there's not a chance in hell that it's anyone else, especially given the people behind the project.)

Now I did used to be friends with someone who turned up in a Mary Gaitskill story in a not-so-flattering light, but this was just freaky. My wife was amused, having had no idea that she'd been immortalized in print. I'm told that I sat at Mary Gaitskill's old desk when I worked at the same used book store that she once worked at, back in the early 90's. Not sure how exciting that is.

Other than that, I have not much to say. The magazine part seems to feature a lot of slumming NY Press artists (like that evil Sara Schwartz who did her small part to help inflict Amy Sohn on the world by drawing her so damn cute) and the usual indie rock suspects of the time. For an alternate (and more generous) review, go here.

I was happy to get the Grifters track, Empty Yard. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Someone who wants to lose money doing a very good deed should really put out a Grifters anthology. They have quite a few very worthwhile non-album tracks, and their current profile seems awfully low.

To go with that (btw, it can be found on a CD that compiles the two Red, Hot + Bothereds as well) here's an early Grifters single called Evol Skull. I mean Sister Crown. I mean Daydream Riot. Damn, I'd better start eating those gingko nuts that grow in our front yard: this memory thing is getting worse. I'm taking Daydream Riot from the Grifters' Kingdom Of Jones compilation. The liner notes say that this has the full ending, where the single versions don't. Hoorah!

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