Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yikes, it's almost September. Did I spend August writing pieces for Mystical Beast? I did not. I'll muddle through till October, but it may not be pretty.

Some exciting news on the horizon, though MB will be gone by the time it comes out. I've been contacted by someone who's working on a CD reissue of Steve Kipner and Steve Groves' Steve & Stevie record, which pre-dates their Tin Tin albums. This to be followed by reissues of the two Tin Tin albums plus a few non-album singles.

(Anyone who's been reading MB for a while knows who these guys are, but I'll refer newbies to pieces on Skyband and Friends for more details. Incidentally, I'm currently sending the Skyband tracks to the person who's working on the re-release, who's planning on forwarding them to Steve Kipner who apparently doesn't have his old band's recordings. Meaning that the Skyband tracks are available for a day or so for anyone who missed them. Just click on the links in the old Skyband pieces -- they work again. You need to hear Bang! Ooh! Ya Got Me!) [Tracks down as of September 7th...sorry, you missed the boat.]

In other news, there's a website up now devoted to Pete Beckett, former member of Skyband and Friends (briefly) with Steve Kipner. Wow, I'm actually feeling like I may be remembered as the guy who got the ball rolling on the great Skyband reunion of 2009!

I guess I'll resume writing next week with some brief bits on Tin Tin. I'd originally planned an extravaganza, but since reissues are on the way, I'm scaling things way back. For my money, Tin Tin's 2nd album Astral Taxi is a contendor for Great Lost Bee Gee's Album (not that it's exactly a carbon copy of the Bee Gees, but I don't think you'd have much trouble shuffling it in with Odessa on your iPod).

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