Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Thin Lizzy, AC/DC: Alternate Universe

Thought I'd briefly come up for air. While not knocked entirely out of socks, I'm pretty happy with Drunk Horse's 70's-o-rama In Tongues lately. With a few fewer melodic charms than prime Urge Overkill, but a redeeming lack of (audible) smirk, it's the album that I'd be playing on my car stereo if I had a car or a car stereo. Here's Priestmaker, which was previously posted (and is still available, along with another track) over at Ugly Music for Beautiful People. The label site is here, and contains two more mp3s. While it's true that, as Aquarius Records notes, there's a major improvement on the vocals on the new album, don't ignore previous releases. Here's the utterly fantastic Legions from Adult Situations, which discovers a great "whoo-hoo" melody/harmony about 3/4 of the way through.

Drunk Horse might be going down so well in part because I've actually been listening to my Upper Crust albums lately.

The Upper Crust: one of those irreducable hilarious jokes. You see, they're funny because they dress like French royalty and play AC/DC soundalikes. Which is funny because people dressed like French royalty are playing songs that sound like AC/DC (though with period-appropriate lyrics). The clever part being (etcetera...)

Possibly the most fun live show I've seen, though I can't vouch for them nowadays. I'm still not sure why I felt compelled to buy two of their CDs (and there's more that I don't have) but CD #2, The Decline And Fall of the Upper Crust, holds some glimmers of the genius that is/was their stage show. At their best, on tracks like Rabble Rouser, they manage to rock out mightily while bringing a major chuckle to anyone who thinks too much about the "Revolution!" in question. Another Spinal Tap-ish highlight is Boudouir, which operates at a melodic/lyrical level that, unfortunately, they're not always able to sustain. As said, it all works better on stage than on CD, but I'd be lying if I said they weren't one of my favorite bands in concert at one time. The track Vulgar Tongue (which you'll just have to find elsewhere) is pretty damn funny.

Have to say that between Drunk Horse and the (fantastic) new Part Chimp album, I'm not quite as un-hopeful about the state of unpopular music as I've been for most of the year.

Priestmaker by Drunk Horse
Legions by Drunk Horse
Rabble Rouser by The Upper Crust
Boudouir by The Upper Crust

Oh, one more:

Rock 'n' Roll Butler by The Upper Crust

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