Saturday, July 02, 2005

Weekend Update

I guess weekends are when I tidy up various loose ends.

There's a nice article in the LA Times on mp3 blogs, written by Douglas Wolk who (unlike a number of the early newspaper writers on mp3 blogs) knows what he's talking about such that the article actually has something to say beyond, "There's these mp3 blogs, y'all." And I'm not just saying that because he was nice enough to link to me.

In his honor, here's God Is My Co-Pilot with I Fuck Who I Want To (Slut). It's not all about Frank Sinatra 'round here, newcomers.

[Just so this isn't misinterpreted, Douglas is very fond of God Is My Co-Pilot and that track happened to pop up in iPod shuffle mode recently.]

Moving on, the Lee Miller album that I enthusiastically reviewed back in April has happily become available for sale from Aquarius which, despite the fact that I've never set foot inside, is probably my favorite brick & mortar record store at the moment. They blurbed it in their New Arrivals section last week. I've restored one of the Lee Miller mp3s (Tarn) so check out the post if you missed it the first time around. Fans of Circle, you've been alerted.

Monika Bullette got played on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Congratulations!

This may be unprecedented: Largehearted Boy's list of new bittorrent downloads for today includes shows by neither Wilco nor Radiohead. Hop on over to download live Barbara Manning and Liz Phair, then compare and contrast. (I give you permission to skip the Liz Phair one if you're so inclined.) The Manning show has pretty great sound. I, um, skipped the Liz Phair one.

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