Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Three Covers Three: The Moonbabies, Snow & Voices, David Bowie

During the first week after my knee operation I couldn't concentrate well enough to follow anything with a plot, so I spent a lot of time reading The Complete David Bowie by Nicholas Pegg, a totally geektastic work that gives details on just about every Bowie song, album, concert and video through 'hours...' Very well-written, open-minded, and ludicrously well-researched, it's one of the best guides to an artist that I've ever seen.

Reading it inspired me to go over some of the Bowie nooks and crannies that I've missed. One big one was his Pin Ups album. I have an occasional bad habit of deciding that certain records aren't worth listening to, and for some reason I decided long ago that I felt that way about Pin Ups. I think I was expecting an album full of things that sounded somewhat thin along the lines of the live Ziggy Stardust record (which I don't hate, but it didn't seem hugely appealing either). Anyway, I was totally wrong, especially with regards to sound/arrangement quality. Among my favorite tracks is the cover of See Emily Play. Actually, most covers of early Floyd that I've heard have been pretty good. The songwriting is so quirky that it's pretty hard to ruin.

The Moonbabies tackle Arnold Layne on a recent EP on Parasol called War On Sound. I have a feeling that they could ultimately be the band that puts Parasol on the map (the *big* map, that is) but time will tell. As it is, they're the closest thing I know of to my beloved Thou: boy, girl, pop melodies, guitars, electronics. Yum.

Finally, a pseudo-band called Snow & Voices have a recent self-titled album (also available from Parasol) that might interest some. It's a little lacking in distinctive features, but does sport smooth female vocals and warm guitar/classy synth backgrounds that would work well at your next brunch. The highlight for me is a lovely cover of Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way, a great song that's a little too familiar in its original version. If I wrote for The Believer I might declare Snow & Voices the Best Album Ever (which it isn't, but it's easy to listen to and generally inoffensive).

See Emily Play by David Bowie
Arnold Layne by The Moonbabies
Go Your Own Way by Snow & Voices

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