Wednesday, July 13, 2005

So, just finishing up with Bleach today. You can buy their most recent album here. I've done so, and shipping was fast etc. You still have to go through Paypal, but it's not particularly inconvenient...and it's much cheaper than mail ordering from Japan.

When I first heard Shikai No Haba (posted yesterday) years ago, I'd thought there was no way they'd ever top its spazzy godlike bizarro-ness. But surprisingly there are several tracks on the new album that, while constructed completely differently, deliver the same "what the fuck was that" experience. And the rest of the CD is no slouch. In some ways it might be a good intro to the band, as the first half is a little more subdued (that's a relative term here).

As a sampler of the less-subdued stuff, here's Howling. It's got the usual stops-starts, twists-turns, screaming, etc. but (also as usual) is really tightly put together. Also features an actual catchy chorus that pushes into the red at a point when you thought things were already in the red. You were wrong. I don't really know what the right term is for this stuff. Post-hardcore prog pop? It sure isn't noise.

As a special bonus, here's the video mentioned yesterday. It's a small file/small picture and Windows Media (sorry), but gets the point across. No rollerskates.

They actually play the US fairly frequently, and I've managed to miss every single one of their New York shows, which is one of the great tragedies of my life. Keep an eye out, as I've read (and believe) that they're incredible live.

Howling by Bleach03
Video by Bleachmobile

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