Friday, July 08, 2005


Mouse Explosion

Someone else will have to do a full piece on Exploding White Mice, but during my recent weeks off I did manage to find a copy of their Blaze of Glory 7" single (referenced in this piece a few weeks ago).

So, the b-side is a cover of John Kongos' He's Gonna Step On You Again. Not amazing, but not bad, and here it is. I like the multi-guitars, which are slightly Band of Susans-esque, but the vocals need more oomph or something. The original is pretty much perfect, so there wasn't much room for improvement. It's certainly a step up from the Happy Mondays' desecration.

Here's the original for anyone who doesn't own it and/or missed it the first time I posted it. If you don't know who any of these people are, John Kongos managed a couple of pretty amazing pseudo-glam-rock tracks on his Kongos album, the rest of which is good-to-great singer/songwriter stuff a la Billy Joel or Elton John. He never really followed up the sound of his glammier tracks. Too bad.

He's Gonna Step On You Again by Exploding White Mice
He's Gonna Step On You Again by John Kongos

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