Thursday, July 14, 2005


Magic Dirt Video

Hey, there's a video for the first single from the forthcoming Magic Dirt album. View it here.

Ok, some explanation is in order. You know how you keep buying Sonic Youth albums even though they haven't done anything worthwhile since [fill in the blank].

So my situation with Magic Dirt is similar. They put out some incredible stuff before going for the gold in Australia. As best I can tell, they've done well for themselves there. Over their past three releases they've gotten awfully, awfully, awfully mainstream, to the point where their new fans would probably be very surprised to hear their early material. So they're not really the group I used to love, but somehow I still manage to enjoy their albums. There are tiny flashes of their old guitar sound and it's all very nicely put together in a hard rock top 40 way. Adalita and Co. look great in the new video. Like Rockstars. (And they still release the odd b-side from time to time that harks back to the old days.)

So, you know, I'm happy for them. Indulge me. You don't have to watch the video unless you're already invested. I have no doubt that under certain circumstances (probably involving beer or a car) Locket could be the greatest song on earth.

[Fans of US hard rock/power pop may actually quite like this. I'm still not clear on why Magic Dirt get, like, no attention whatsoever in the US.]

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