Monday, July 25, 2005

It's not just about Nono

Dad came in for a visit and continued our education in "20th Century classical with an emphasis on things that would appeal to a rock loving ignoramus." The piece he wanted me to hear this time is kind of the "I Saw Her Standing There" of this sort of thing, apparently, and it's conveniently pop-song length. This is "Iron Foundry" by Soviet composer Alexander Mosolov, in which he anticipates Pussy Galore's sheet metal percussion by a few years. It reminds me a bit (inevitably) of cartoon music, and I wonder if it's ever been used as such. Also seems to predict minimalism in some ways (I got that from Wikipedia, but agree completely). The noisy part near the end is pretty amazing.

Another version of the piece plus info and some interesting semi-related items can be found here. The version I'm posting can be found here.

Iron Foundry by Alexander Mosolov

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