Tuesday, July 19, 2005

For all your Mold needs

[continued from yesterday]...but that's not all they could do. Here's another unreleased track that draws some interesting lines between post-Children of God Swans and the post-rock crowd e.g. Sigur Ros, etc. This is Sleepwalker. First half is very close to a Jarboe track, then with three minutes left a pretty wonderful instrumental bit takes over. Some might also call it Pink Floyd for the 90's. I like this muchly.

Pretty much all the info you're going to find on Mold online is located in this post from a few months ago. How sad that I seem to be the only online teller of the tale.

Like I mentioned, I watched every movie ever made during the first week post-surgery back in June. One of the weirder moments came while watching a French film. Middle aged protaginist walks into a bar off the highway to get yet another drink. It's in France, we should be clear, and it's not a rock 'n' roll movie. And I'm thinking that the song in the bar is awfully familiar. It's...it's...it's...The Warlocks!? I might have known of this by reading about it online, but I hadn't and thus didn't miss a really surreal moment of sudden recognition.

They have a new album out (leaked) that I've not heard yet. I went back to some of their older stuff and confirmed that Shake The Dope Out remains a pretty great cross between the Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. (To some of you that's going to sound like I'm saying it's a cross between crap and crap...I am not a party to your twisted hate.) Imagine the Warhols' Boys Better with an actual chorus, and as a bonus it turns (somewhat) into the Modern Lovers' Roadrunner near the end. Hurrah!

Sleepwalker by Mold
Shake The Dope Out by The Warlocks

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