Friday, July 15, 2005

Busy week, this one was. The next will suffer.

Coming up on two years posting and I haven't put up a single song by The Grateful Dead. Today we fix that. Here's the folk/psych duo Fit & Limo with a nice sitar et acoustica take on Dark Star. It's from their CD The Serpent Unrolled.

I'm not quite into post-Incredible String Bandia enough to have followed up on Fit & Limo, aside from The Serpent Unrolled, but my sense is that they're worth checking out. I do know that they're not always gentle and folksy, having once bought another of their albums (That Totally Tore My Head Off) for a friend who discovered that Flying Saucer Attack/J&MC figures into that one. I guess the title was a clue, eh?

Info here. They're not as hippy-drippy as the website's name might imply.

In other news, Dusted has a review up on the Lee Miller album that I've been going on about.

Dark Star by Fit & Limo

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