Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bratmobile with There's No Other Way

This is probably the best cover version I've ever heard. I wouldn't throw the original out of bed, but where Bratmobile are tight and focused, Blur are sloppy, repetitive and enervated. Bratmobile cut the song down to its essential one minute and add an inspired opening in which Graham Coxon's noodly guitar work is replaced by a lovely a capella vocal. While Damon sounds sleepy and bored as he drones on, Allison Wolfe's passionate delivery makes it clear that there really is no other way. She sounds like a woman at the end of her rope. Her feelings of helplessness are palpable. Torn by regret, love and disappointment, she has no time to repeat choruses or dabble on a keyboard. The sense of urgency is emphasized by a ragged guitar part that cuts to the bone, especially noteworthy as it crests from :55 through :57 of the song. Bratmobile's There's No Other Way retrieves the lost emotional core of the Blur track, and often after listening to it I find myself curled into the fetal position, crying and hugging my cat.

There's No Other Way by Bratmobile

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