Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Above, Sally Crewe and husband Gerard Cosloy contemplate her next move

Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves
"Shortly After Take-Off"
Rating: 3 out of 5 Scruffy Cats

We pretty much hate power pop around here. Like to call Fountains of Wayne "the joke-us from ho-ho-kus" which always gets a laugh before we unload one of their promos on some sucker. Don't listen to any Big Star except for the third one, and that's just 'cause we thought it was some of that fancy European porn when we bought it. We're the wrong people to review a gal described thusly: "If Sally Crewe hadn't happened, Nick Hornby would've invented her." She loves to sing about cars, and since we love not listening to songs about cars, things got off to a bad start.

We do, however, kind of like one mp3 we downloaded by Mrs. Crewe and it was free, which meant we had a buck left to give to the toothless creep over on St. Marks who feeds us all our baseball gossip. This is Good Morning, Aston Martin. We think it's about the guy who married Demi Moore, but we're not sure why Sally changed his last name. Damn lawyers. It reminds us of a Game Theory song, but we're pretty sure Sally's never heard that band as rumor has it her husband won't allow Scott Miller music under his roof.

If we had to choose a favorite group that likes to sing about appliances, our vote would go to the currently in-the-shop Beachbuggy. But while they're up on blocks, Sally Crewe will do as this year's model. If we hadn't written it, Nick Hornby would have had to invent that last sentence. We're still waiting for a decent band that sings songs about nothing but sea kayaks.

Good Morning, Aston Martin by Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves
Quarter Mile Machine by Beachbuggy


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