Friday, June 10, 2005

Tiny Lights, Part 4...

In 1994 the band put out their second CD (5th album) on Doctor Dream, marking the first time they had been able to release two consecutive albums on a label. Trouser Press raves about Milky Juicy and says it's their favorite. I'm not quite so enthusiastic, but it does have some great stuff . As the review notes, it's one of the more diverse albums. Here's two tracks:

"I Don't Enjoy Life"
"Circle Sky"

Also in 1994, some fans in Iowa released a 7" single with two tracks from a live gig including a long-time live favorite which never made it to LP (I think it was one of the lost Know It You Love tracks). Here it is:


By the time 1995 rolled around, it seemed that Doctor Dream had also become defunct. I can't find any info on the web, a Google search just gets me a lot of albums that the label released. At any rate, the band signed to New Jersey label Bar/None and put out a career-spanning retrospective called A Young Person's Guide To Tiny Lights. This record includes several tracks from the Know It You Love sessions, although I find it's track selection a bit odd.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, all of the MP3s from this week function as an alternate retrospective. There are no tracks in common with the Bar/None CD, which I believe is still in print (hint, hint...). Bar/None also released what appears to be the band's last studio record in 1997, The Smaller The Grape The Sweeter The Wine. Even though it seems to still be in print, I'm including one track from it for completion's sake, and because I think it's a nice closing piece:

"Would You Like To Float"

So I hope y'all have enjoyed this feature. Next week I'm going to be talking about 17 Pygmies, another "lost" band that has considerably more documented information. No personal anecdotes and recordings this time, but there will be some great rare tracks. Please support Tiny Lights and buy their records from Bar/None...

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