Saturday, June 25, 2005

Recent Developments

Added Record Robot to list of mp3 blogs. It's new (got the link via Largehearted Boy) but seems to be one of the good guys.

Finally watched Thank God It's Friday after all these years. Great movie to see while recovering from knee surgery, and I spent the whole thing thinking that one of the leads was awfully cute and surprisingly talented, then found out it was Terri Nunn (of Berlin) at the end. I feel like I should have known that.

Glad to see that others share my dim view of the Believer snorefestmusicissue. On the balance, I have to note that one of the more engaging things I read just post-op was a Heidi Julavits story in this collection. I was on a lot of Percoset at the time, so I can't vouch for it in the light of day. I believe that a portion of the profits from sales of that book go to help young white people with lousy taste in music, so help support a good cause.

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