Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Public Service

I recently got a request from a reader who wanted to hear the Dustdevils' cover of The Fall's Hip Priest, a song that I've posted here a few times. Since the Fall have been in the music news lately due to the recent release of their Peel Sessions box set, I decided to post the track again publicly. So, here's the opener of my favorite album of all time, on which the Dustdevils achieve the unthinkable: taking Mark E. Smith's signature song and improving it. Yikes!

Regarding the Dustdevils, to the best of my knowledge Michael is living in England and raising a family and Jaqi has settled in Australia with her husband Keith Gregory (ex-Wedding Present). Neither one seems to be making music anymore, which is fairly tragic in the grand scheme of things.

Hip Priest by The Dustdevils

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