Thursday, June 16, 2005

Nearing the end of our 17 Pygmies overview...

The band seemingly went dormant for a few years... Captured In Ice is from 1985. The next record, Welcome, appeared in '88 on a subsidiary of Island Records (!!). Ruza and Spinelli were gone, replaced by Louise Bialik and a host of guests. The album was a fairly radical deparature, featuring bizarre spoken "theatre pieces" written and performed by Charles Schneider and a much wider range of songs over the course of a 53-minute LP. A carnival/circus theme pervades throughout. We're getting a little tight on space here at the Mystical Beast, so I'm only including three of the best tracks.

"Drunkard" features Moris Tepper on banjo and cornet along with Savage Republic/Medicine player Brad Laner on drums.

"Reek Of Life" features Laner and Saccharine Trust's Jack Brewer on vocals and lyrics (!!).

"Kristalnacht" is one of my favorite guitar instrumentals ever...

The album seems to have sunk without a trace. Although it was on CD, I have never seen one. Again, not reissued.

As I go through these records I find myself wondering - can anyone out there in internetland tell me if these people ever played live? I've never heard anything about it.

Tomorrow we get to the strange last album!

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