Monday, June 13, 2005

Here we go into the next week. This time we'll be talking about the California 80's band 17 Pygmies. They were very closely related to Savage Republic, with members bouncing back and forth over time. The Trouser Press website has a pretty good overview of the records, and there is an extensive article on Savage Republic at Perfect Sound Forever that covers a lot of the information around the bands. With those available for reference, I'll be talking more about the music this week.

I think the best way to start is to show what Savage Republic sounded like before Philip Drucker (aka Jackson Del Rey) and Robert Loveless left to form 17 Pygmies. From their classic first single, here's

"Film Noir"

The vocal melodies and keyboard parts are what migrated over to the new band.

The first real 17 Pygmies release was a 12" EP called Hatikva. Originally put out on their own label Resistance Records, it was also reissued by an Italian label called Viva. Pretty much impossible to find, at least I've never seen a copy. Fortunately, it was included with their last release Missyfish, so I can bring you two extremely different tracks:

The very Sav-Rep influenced

"Lawrence Of Arabia"

And the very 17 Pygmies-sounding


Tomorrow we will discuss the debut album and include a bunch more MP3s. For extra credit, you can read the linked articles above...

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