Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Continuing with the story of Hoboken's Tiny Lights... in 1988 the group released their 2nd full-length album, Hazel's Wreath. It was on a new label called Gaia Records, which I remember John telling me at the time was a "jazz label". Now, when I Google it, most of the results are for a newer techno label. However, some are clearly for the older one. I found a result for jazz artist Nelson Rangell's 1st LP, but only the cached version of the page has this telling sentence: "Rangell's 1987 debut album was released on the obscure label Gaia Records, but he soon found a more satisfying environment at GRP Records." Ominous harbingers of things to come!!

The record itself is, indeed, a tasty jazz-inflected expansion of the debut (see Mike's comment from Tuesday for more about their jazz background). Here's two tracks from it:
"Around It Goes Around"
"Before You Go"

They toured the country in support of the LP, and this was when we met (see Tuesday's entry). Us Hoosiers were so blown away by their show in Bloomington (Indiana) that we followed them to Louisville the next night - the sure sign of a good band. Somehow, I found the presence of mind to tape their second set of the night on a boombox. It came out pretty good, all things considered.

The first song of the set was from what was intended to be their second Gaia release, a record called Know It You Love. It has an especially nice Andy Demos sax solo...
"Close My Eyes"

I also am including a live version of another Hazel's Wreath song for contrast:
"Green Instead"

Some time between this tour and the end of the next one, around 1989, Gaia went bankrupt. The record, which had been recorded, was never released. Several songs ended up on the Bar/None collection I'll be discussing on Friday, but the album as a whole remains unheard. Bummer. On the other hand, Hazel's Wreath is quite easy to find used, and was even put out on CD.

Tomorrow we're going to cover the next two albums (on two different labels), discuss a reissue and further label catastrophes, and post one of the longer MP3s that this site has had (although Rhys Chatham stills beats it).

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