Thursday, June 02, 2005


Compilations part 2: New York Eye and Ear Control

Back before Matador records was kind enough to introduce us to Liz Phair and all the subsequent happiness that she's brought the world, they put out a very nice compilation called New York Eye and Ear Control. Copies of the CD can usually be found cheap on the highways and byways of the internet, confusing Albert Ayler fans to no end. (The original New York Eye and Ear Control is a free jazz album and/or movie that Rick Moody could probably tell you all about...just be careful if you buy a copy, as it might make you uncomfortable, and we wouldn't want that).

If you know Matador as the home to great bands like Guided By Voices, The New Pornographers, and the lovely Ms. Phair, you might be surprised by the sound of this CD. Gerard Cosloy wasn't always the happy guy you're proud to call your friendster, and early Matador could be a dark place to visit, full of scrapy guitars and squally saxophones. A scary place. Boo!

And what lead me there? The Dustdevils, but of course. For NYE&EC is home to a very cool alternate version of one of their best songs from the best album in the history of time. Here's Throw The Bottle Full, a long version that's not actually quite as good as the one that ended up on the album, but who the hell cares!

Elsewhere, there's cool stuff galore: an otherwise unreleased Cop Shoot Cop track called Dive, a Circle X remix, a great version of Jet Pet by Royal Trux that's different from the one on Twin Infinitives (and it's not on their singles compilation)(and fans of The Fiery Furnaces really ought to check out early Royal Trux to hear about 1/2 of the genetic material of that band). If you must hear everything that Thurston Moore ever did, he's here too on a Rudolph Grey piece called The Hall.

My second favorite song on the CD is by yet another Rick Brown (V-Effect, Run On, Fish & Roses, etc.) vehicle, Timber, who actually sound a little bit like a less-jazzy V-Effect. Here's The Crankcase, and there'll be more on Timber at some point down the road.

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