Friday, June 17, 2005

17 Pygmies... Part Five of Five...

The band vanished again for three more years after the release of Welcome. In 1991 the album Missyfish was released by the label Nate Starkman And Son out of Chicago. This weird little record (24 minutes or so) has the feeling of unfinished sketches or demos, with several short instrumental throwaways. The record came with the tracks from Hatikva placed first, further enhancing its secondary status. No lineup info (or any info) at all. Here's two tracks from it, they sound like they could be from any point in the band's career. Where are they all now? Who knows.

"Under The Freeway"
"Coat Of Many Colours (Missyfish)"

Thanks for all the comments, folks. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Mystical Beast programming, as Dana is hopefully healed and off the painkillers!

For those intrigued by the last two weeks I have a music-geek website called Made Explicit, visit me there until the next time...

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