Wednesday, June 15, 2005

17 Pygmies, Part 3

Once out from under the shadow of Savage Republic, the band created its first album consisting exclusively of their vision. And their vision said "GO POP". The Captured In Ice LP was also apparently released by Resistance in the U.S., although my copy is a French version on the Lolita label, seemingly their next-to-last release. As usual, this has never been reissued on LP or CD.

Perhaps "pop" is a little blithe when referring to these sophisticated songs, but it sure has the sound. Check it out:

"Suit Of Nails"

Of course, there were divergences, including two instrumentals. Here's one:

"Autumn Cathedral"

And my favorite, a soaring, sad, and passionate tune:


The record also begins to introduce other notable L.A. figures who would guest with the band. Fey Ruza is added to the full lineup, Nels Cline guests on "Autumn Cathedral", Ethan James (of the Radio Tokyo studio) plays keyboard on "Shade", and another track features former Beefheart guitarist Jeff Moris Tepper (who I highly recommend, by the way).

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