Tuesday, June 14, 2005

17 Pygmies, Part 2

In 1984 Savage Republic split apart while recording their second album. The 17 Pygmies axis (Drucker and Loveless) released the record as the LP Jedda By The Sea with new band member Debbie Spinelli. This included some material that was supposed to be part of the Sav Rep album, albeit in different versions. Supposedly Bruce Licher has masters of the "Sav Rep" version that have yet to be released. It's all a little bit confusing, but the relationship between the bands appears amiable.

At any rate, this album is solid freakin' gold and easily in my 1984 top 20. It has a wide variety of styles, ranging from bliss-filled poppy "songs"

"Words Never Said"

to Savage Republic-esque instrumental tracks

"Moment In Ceylon"
"Last Grave At Dimbaza

to percussion jams

"Tropical Grasslands"

to gorgeous soundtrack-style instrumentals.

"Still Waters"

As a previous comment from Monday noted, some of these records were hand-painted and all are very beautiful with inserts, et cetera. The album has never been reissued and has never been on CD. Tragic.

Tomorrow 17 Pygmies go totally pop on their second album! Don't miss it!

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