Friday, May 20, 2005

Lilys substitutes

Just got an email from the Pas/Cal people, with a link to a new mp3 here, which I'm liking a lot right from the get go.

While the band often got compared to Belle & Sebastian in the past, I really think that the Lilys are more on point. Fractured but poppy wandering song structures coupled with a 60's vibe, and it's surprising to see them pulling this off nearly as well as the Lilys do, given that the Lilys often seem like a high-wire act. Very nice, since for my money Kurt Heasley is the most interesting pop songwriter working today.

Lately the Lilys' production has taken a turn for the strange, which seemed to put a lot of people off. Possibly Pas/Cal, who hew closer to the softer side of the Kinks and the aformentioned B&S, will be more succesful with the prog-60's pop formula. I'm very much looking forward to their full-length, if they ever manage to finish it.

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