Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day

To celebrate, I'm fulfilling a request and posting two more Dyan Diamond tracks. Here's Nervous and Baby What You Want Me To Do. Chris Spedding wrote the former, Jimmy Reed the latter.

Haven't written about New York Noise in a few weeks. First off, computers are nice but just don't compare to sitting around and watching videos on TV. I finally saw the Trachtenbergs, and it was about what I was expecting, unfortunately, though if Meg ever quits the White Stripes, Jack should consider this band's drummer as a replacement. I'm still not really warming to Adam Green's Jessica Simpson or Beck's Hell Yes (two videos that are on heavy rotation) but am convinced by My Favorite (who appear every week). Their (old) song Burning Hearts is a must-hear (regardless of how you feel about The Smiths) and the video is wonderful. Despite being a concert piece, it gives you the impression of watching an early set by a group that later went on to be world famous. You can read a brief history and interview here. And you can download the Burning Hearts mp3 and the video and some other stuff here.

Also promoted last night was The National. The live clips weren't doing it for me, but I did like their videos (thought to be honest I was only half paying attention). Have to give it more thought. Their website, with mp3s and video, is here.

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