Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Didn't want to follow a noisy post with another, so today is current poppy stuff that I've been liking.

I checked Technorati (hint: if you're thinking of posting about, oh say, Wilco and want to check to see if anyone else has ever done that, you can go to technorati.com and find out) but it looked like only one person had posted Canal Street by Love As Laughter, from their new album, and I'm not sure if it's still available.

I'd written about LaL some time ago, under the heading of "bands that come close to being great, but miss." Despite the deserved great reviews that LaL's new CD is getting, I still hear some basic problems. Underwritten endings, missing guitar solos, a slight shortage of hooks (compensated for by a charismatic looseness). That sort of thing. When I first heard Canal Street, I was surprised that a West Coast band had written the best NYC song I'd heard in some time. It sounds more like an NYC band than most bands that actually come from the city these days. Then I found out that LaL had relocated, making me feel incredibly smart for a moment. Wish they'd come up with a real ending for the track, but I'm not complaining too much.

As a reminder of glories past, here's my other favorite LaL track, #1 USA which still needs a friggin' bass. It's from their #1 U.S.A. album on K records.

Stumbled across what I think is the forthcoming MF Doom/Ghostface Killah album, but I'm not 100% sure [it's not...see comments...but still don't know what it is that I found]. Any experts, feel free to let me know if this is something else.

I'm not sure if Doom's sound is getting too familiar, but the album isn't knocking my socks off like Vaudeville Villain did. On the other hand, it's got another one of those weird, off-kilter things that I only ever hear Doom do. Here's Helpless Fool, produced by RZA (so it says) which isn't lyrically the strongest thing around (not horrible, not great) but I love the piano bit every bit as much as I loved the Beatles sample on Tick, Tick way back when.

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