Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Brendan O'Malley has ruined rock for an entire generation!

(Ok, not really, but I needed someone for the title.)

Recent events (a Sammy diss at another blog, unexpected contact with a relative of an original member of Love Child) have had me thinking about Alan Licht and Co. yet again, and it dawns on me that I've referenced the title of one of his old records a gazillion times without ever explaining.

Long ago, Alan Licht put out a little 7" single with the arresting title "Calvin Johnson Has Ruined Rock for an Entire Generation." I remember seeing it in the rack at Kim's Underground (the shop that pretty much spawned the evil Other Music) and thinking "Oh no!" for I was besotted with Beat Happening at the time. There's a list somewhere of my "top 10 albums" that I wrote up in 1991 that includes three Beat Happening albums. Why I did that, I have no idea...meaning of course that in ten years I may be writing about my favorite band System of a Down and looking back with self-pity on the delusional freak who spent all his time writing about Tin Tin.

(I want to take a moment to go on record as being slightly intrigued by System of a Down's Saturday Night Live performance, with the fact that they've been recently dissed by Stereogum only upping my interest. I was kind of reminded of Alice Cooper/Zappa which seemed sort of refreshing for an SNL band. I'm not saying I ran out and bought their album or anything...)

Anyway, right or wrong, it was a great title for a single. Later, Kim Gordon's band Free Kitten would reference it, and then everyone had a group hug and read a copy of Sassy together.

Here's the single:

Six Million Licks for Tone Loc

Tone Poem for Nikki Sixx Million

[For everyone who doesn't follow Vassar alumni quite as closely as we do, Alan Licht is "the guy who wrote the liner notes for the Television reissues" or "the guy who played in that Text of Light band with some guy from Sonic Youth, but it doesn't sound anything like 'Goo' and I want my money back" or "this guy who opened for this band we went to see who did this weird thing with a Donna Summer tape" or "this guy who used to be in a band with the founder of"]

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