Friday, April 01, 2005

Oy, what a day. Up at 4:30am to go to work. Saw two clients, then spent ten minutes practicing juggling while standing on a Swiss ball (I have to post some photos one of these days) then back home to meet the floor sanders who tried to jack up the price and were sent packing. New floor sanders arriving Monday. Don't be a landlord. (Ok, do be a landlord, but be aware that every contractor in the world sucks.)

Meaning no mp3s today, and I'm suspecting I'll be too sleepy to catch Mold tonight.

Mystical Beast was yet again graced by a celebrity. Drummer Brendan O'Malley (ex-Odes) shows off the kind of mouth you get from going to Vassar College in a comment here. Looks like he's in a band with (whatever happened to) Dave Rick at the moment.

Elsewhere, someone who probably didn't go to Vassar and was therefore able to get through a paragraph without using the word "douchebag" points out that The Moth Wranglers will be on the streaming radio show Transister Radio hosted by Frances Sorensen, beginning April 4, 2005 and apparently repeating for a week. Reportedly it includes their cover of Crash's "Don't Look Now." Thanks for that!

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