Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New York Noise report

Just in case you're not watching what seems to be NYC's best local tv show. It gets rerun later this week.

Best videos (in my opinion of course) were Human Television (the 80's are back!) with I Forgot (mp3 clip and a video for another song here). Also The Dears with Lost In The Plot (the 80's are back!) which seems to be in heavy rotation although it's not exactly new. My wife loves their album (the page I've linked fails to mention a major Blur aspect to the band's sound).

Ivy stopped by with their somewhat old Let's Go To Bed (the 80's are back!) and it's nice to know that Adam Schlesinger is good for something other than proving that Rick Ocasek was right when he decided not to use Cathy as his poetic muse. And finally, a very nifty Regina Spektor video (for Us, also available on her website, though it looked better on tv) that made me temporarily forget Nellie McWho.

Elsewhere Spoon sound like Elvis Costello, and somewhere Nick Hornby is smiling. Mando Diao look like the Beatles and will presumably get blown off the stage when they appear with the Raveonettes. Smoosh looked a little shaky live. Unicorn spotted in the Beck video (there seems to be at least one unicorn a week these days in video land). And I finally got to see video of the Danielson guy's famous tree costume.

A real post will appear tomorrow morning.

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