Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Jennyanykind Revealed

Last week I found out about a promo that I'd never heard before. Since it's a promo, I now bring it to you, without the slightest bit of guilt.

Jennyanykind have come up here at Mystical Beast a few times. The short version: I don't like Dylan, I don't like The Band, I love Jennyanykind's one major label album Revelater, which sounds like Dylan and The Band. Go figure. Then go buy a used copy for like twenty-five cents or so.

Just found out that they released a promo called Revealed to go with it. Three album tracks and two non-album tracks. Got really excited at first, because I thought that Fashion was a cover of the Bowie song, and the idea of a Dylan/Band style cover of that sounded intriguingly weird. It's not a cover. Pretty good, but not amazing.

The other track, I Am A Carpenter. Sounds like Jandek, made a tiny touch more palatable for the masses. Hated it the first time. Then adjusted my expectations. Now playing it over and over again. Thrillingly ramshackle. Have a couple of later Jennyanykind albums on order and will post more as appropriate.

Fashion by Jennyanykind
I Am A Carpenter by Jennyanykind

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