Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Haven't done stream of consciousness in a while...

I often have to explain to co-workers that I live in a small cave in Flatbush where my access to news is controlled by evil and perverse robots, which is why I haven't heard of [popular record that's topping the charts][famous movie star][new diet book][funny new sitcom] but can tell you that Claire Hamill recently released a new album.

And so, I may be the last person to learn that Robert Downey Jr. covered a Yes song on his solo album last year. I was so excited, though the reality turns out to be an epic battle between a fantastic song and a singer bent on killing it dead. I think the song, though losing a lot of blood, wins in the end with some help from its original singer. In case you also live in a cave somewhere, here's Bob Jr. doing Your Move. All he is saying is give peace a chance. Wouldn't it be fun if the next Dave Matthews Band album was a complete cover of Close To The Edge? It was? Damn robots.

In other news, I've been trying to remember the name of that wonderful mp3 blog that started up back in the early days of mp3 blogging and introduced me to The Hudson Brothers. I linked to it, I loved it, and now I can't remember its name. I feel so cheap. Last week I was trying to remember what it was, and I pulled out the Hudson Brothers compilation that I was inspired to buy and spent a wonderful afternoon with its fake (good-to-great fake) Beatles/Paul Mac/ELO brew. Here's one of the tracks that that late lamented unknown mp3 blog posted, the multi-part Medly. If anyone knows the blog that I'm talking about, please comment/email. It's driving me bats that I can't recall its name.

Anyway, that led me in the direction of the forthcoming Ringo Starr album Choose Love which is (really) pretty darn good (and I'm not one of those no good liars who's always trying to convince you that the new Paul McCartney album is a real comeback). It's produced (as has become customary) by Mark Hudson (guess what band he used to be in) and contains a song with one of the best fake endings I've heard in a while: here's Don't Hang Up. Much of the rest of the album is surprisingly strong too...I believe it's due out in June, and it's worth investigating even if you're not normally the type to buy boomer rock.

Your Move by Robert Downey Jr.
Medly by The Hudson Brothers
Don't Hang Up by Ringo Starr

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