Monday, April 11, 2005


Can't seem to stay out of Sweden and Finland these days

Ah, I knew I'd get some use out of the Patti Smith bootleg someday. Imaginary Jenny posted on Patti the other day, and couldn't find Pale Blue Eyes. Here's a version from I Never Talked To Bob Dylan which documents a concert in Stockholm, Sweden on October 3, 1976. It's on CD, though where to find that I don't know. From the same set, here's the other Reed song, We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together. There you go again changing the lyrics, Patti.

Remember this on Friday

At the end of this week it's going to be slightly important that you know the Finnish band Circle. I passed over them for a long time, assuming that a band called "Circle" from Finland would be Black Metal, a genre that I'm not currently fond of (this assumption reflected more on my general ignorance than on anything else).

If I'd just taken time to read the endless rapturous reviews over at Aquarius, I would have known that Circle are more in the vein of Can circa Tago Mago, though not without the occasional echo of metal (in a way that doesn't annoy me). Here's Dedofiktion from their live album Raunio, which might not be the best place to start but it's not out of print (unlike a lot of their discography). The US version has a bonus track.

Pale Blue Eyes by Patti Smith
We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together by Patti Smith
Dedofiktion by Circle

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