Friday, March 25, 2005


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Unrest have been in the news a lot lately, what with their recent reunion show and the re-release of Imperial F.F.R.R. with bonus tracks. I'm one of those heretics who prefer Perfect Teeth, but I do like Imperial a lot and I'm glad to see that Unrest are still fondly remembered.

Their discography is pretty chaotic, and collecting everything is tough. Today's tracks aren't as obscure as some, but I find it odd that they're left out of the Allmusic entry on Unrest. In fact, the only place I know of that reviews them is, once again, our hero Mark Prindle.

Mod Fuck Explosion was a movie by John Moritsugu who has a way with hard-to-find soundtracks. Another movie of his, Hippie Porn, had a soundtrack that was supposed to come out on Matador, but didn't. They're sorry about that. I have a cassette copy, and some glorious day (when I find a cassette player) I'll get around to it. It has an otherwise unreleased Dustdevils track of no great importance.

Luckily, Mod Fuck Explosion came out on vinyl (thought not CD). A remix of the track London's Theme turned up on Unrest's B.P.M. compilation, but as far as I know, the rest is only available on the record. It's not top-notch Unrest, but it's also not terrible, it's the classic BPM lineup, and the movie's theme song is pretty great. Here's Mod Fuck Explosion Theme and Zim-Zum.

On to the other side...

Maybe someone reading this can clear something up once and for all. The other side of the album is by "Karyo Tengoku," a "Japanese noise band." Or so we're told. I'm not sure if Mark Prindle is being coy when he says they sound like a fake Japanese noise band, or if he just has the same suspicions I do. Between the lyrics ("Hiroshima Hiroshima Hiroshima Hiroshima...Aah, Atomic Bomb, Aah Atomic Bomb...We Never Forgive You, We Never Forgive You...") and the accents (very "no tickee, no laundly") and the total lack of any info anywhere else, I'm both amused and skeptical.

Whoever they are, they're actually not bad and I find them funnier and funnier as the years go by. Here's Hiroshima and Soul Brother.

You can still buy copies of the Mod Fuck Explosion album here. The record jacket (especially the Karyo Tengoku side) is very pretty.

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