Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Just about a year ago here at Mystical Beast I was in the midst of a project dealing with worthwhile albums that aren't listed in allmusic, by bands that are. I have another one for Friday. To get back into the mood, I'm rerunning one of the old posts. I was listening to these songs on the subway last night and really enjoying them.

I've had limited success in getting people to like 18th Dye...sometimes I wonder if they're not actually as good as I think they are (ok, ultimately I think they are as good as I think they are). They released two albums and an EP of minimalist but rocking 2-3 chord songs that skewed towards a Wire-like formalism, while also managing to include controlled feedback and other noisy elements from time to time, such that they're often mistakenly compared to My Bloody Valentine. They were on Matador in the US, but Matador never issued their posthumous singles collection Left, and it doesn't appear on Allmusic.

There are a couple of major flaws with Left. The most glaring problem is something that I hope no other band will ever do ever again: right in the middle of the CD, they included four other bands performing absolutely terrible cover versions of 18th Dye songs. It completely screws up the flow of the CD. Nonetheless, Left is completely essential (if you like the band) if only because of two tracks that it includes. One is arguably their best song Coffee Cup Revisited which was previously available only on a vinyl 7" single. The other is this very atypical non-album Eurodisco-on-steroids version of It Feels Like I'm In Love.

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