Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm desperately trying to get a piece up by Thursday (the band it's about are playing on Friday) so I just don't have time to prepare anything substantial until then.

These days, when I don't have time to think up an interesting topic, I just free associate about conversations going on at I Love Music.

Here's PM Dawn (the floaty fluffy hip-hop band) doing their non-floaty, non-fluffy, non-hip-hop impression of T Rex (with a little help from Marc Bolan). This is from their last reasonably buy-able album Dearest Christian, I'm So Very Sorry For Bringing You Here. Love, Dad. I posted this track once before, but it was a while ago.

From the same album, here's the very non-floaty, non-fluffy, non-hip-hop Hale-Bopp Regurgitations, which is the second of three songs from the CD that would fit nicely into a 60's rock fan's collection. The third is a pretty stunning multi-part pop collage called Untitled that ends the album (I'm not posting that one, lazybones). I'm not quite clear on how many copies Dearest Christian sold, but I'm guessing that the answer is "not as many as it should have."

If you hop over to the I Love Music thread that inspired this musing, you'll find that someone has posted the killer b-side (scroll down) to their equally killer single Downtown Venus, from their equally equally killer CD Jesus Wept.

Art Deco Halos by PM Dawn
Hale-Bopp Regurgitations by PM Dawn

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