Friday, March 18, 2005


Die Hölle ist für die Kinder

Since I mentioned the band Alice Donut the other day, I'm gonna repost my favorite song of theirs.

I could give you some background on Alice Donut, but really why bother when there's Mark Prindle? If you've somehow managed to not be familiar with his site, you now have several days' worth of reading ahead of you. Self-involved trivia: my old housemate long, long ago worked (at a real job) with Alice Donut's lead singer, and I once had a conversation about wrist guards and rollerblades with their guitar player at a sporting goods store.

Here's Lisa's Father. I hope you all learn a valuable lesson.

(Image above is not from the comic book referenced in the song, but please remember that it's also wrong to cast mind bondage spells.)

If you haven't yet translated the song's lyrics into German and come up with a series of talking points, please go here.

For everyone who can't be bothered to click that link, please take some time over the weekend to work on the following. Papers are due on my desk Monday morning by 9:00am:

1. Check the unknown words in your dictionary!
2. Find out what James Stewart did in "It's a wonderful life"!
3. How do you like the fact that the woman with no eyes appears twice in the lyrics?
4. Are the lyrics meant seriously or are they making fun of people who try to convert you? Collect the evidence for and against! [His name was "Lisa's father"/15 minutes/the father calls her "Lisa's mother"]
5. Which details are unrealistic?
6. Point out the sermonic style!
7. Do you think it is legitimate to use the serious subject of child abuse to ridicule religious fundamentalists?
8. What do you think about missionaries?
9. Compare "Lisa's Father" to "The Little Girl"!

Lisa's Father by Alice Donut

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