Thursday, February 03, 2005

Touch My Stuff (You Can Die)

Someone did touch my stuff, a few years ago. Specifically, my copy of Beachbuggy's Sport Fury CD, which is very likely the best of their three full length albums. That someone touched it, borrowed it, took it to work, stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it. I'm not saying who it was (though no, it wasn't Mrs. Mystical Beast) but they didn't die (though they got a long speech about respect for a man's CD collection).

Now, following a desk cleaning and an awkward apology, it's safe back chez moi, and just as good, if not better, than I'd remembered.

I love bands who are easy to describe. Pixies + The Fall. Couldn't be easier. That's Pixies riffs, repeated Fall-style, with Mark E. Smith vocals. Maybe a smidge of Wedding Present lurking around.

You gotta love a band who write a song based on the between song banter of another group. Here's Beachbuggy doing Touch My Stuff (You Can Die).

And here's their song about Science Fiction. I wonder if this would appeal to depressed McLusky fans.

And, since this never did come out in the US, here's one more: Kickin' Back.

Not much news on their website's news section, though the message board seems to indicate that new material is kinda sorta on the way.

I've only lost one CD for a longer time than Sport Fury went missing. And, as it happens, that one was an at-the-time-near-impossible-to-replace live semi-bootleg. And, as it also happens, it was and is my choice for best live album of all time, and possibly the only truly essential live album I've ever heard.

Guess I'll write about it on Monday. (It's not rare now, so this won't be one of those taunting you with impossible-to-find-CDs posts.)

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