Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sunday Updates

Just some general housekeeping and follow-up stuff.

I got my Deux Filles Double Happiness CDR from Colin Lloyd-Tucker. Shipping was quick. The package isn't incredibly slick (the booklet was printed on a regular printer/non glossy paper so the resolution isn't the best) and there is some slight vinyl noise left. On headphones it bugs me a bit, but over speakers you don't notice it at all. Given the chances that you'll find a vinyl copy (slim to none), the fact that this isn't otherwise on CD, and the fact that the master tape is lost, I'd still recommend it highly. Comes signed by Colin, which is nice.

I've added Lacunae to my links. You probably read it already, and I've been meaning to add it forever. Good place to go for obscure 90's indie-type mp3s, though that's not all he does.

Also added La Blogotheque, even though it's in French.

Mike Appelstein pointed me in the direction of the new chickfactor (yay) which is internet only (boo). Somehow I fell less old every time chickfactor publishes.

Ultragrrrl reveals that we've all been had! Shocked readers now deep in self-analysis, trying to decide if they really like The Killers. Ultragrrrl's pal just about simultaneously posts satire of the Post article that's to blame for this weekend of twenty-something soul-searching, but it's not one of her best efforts. Personally, I recommend Majorska vodka (assuming you're mixing) and avoiding mediocre bands like The Killers, but you'll never know if I'm being paid to tell you that.

This site apparently links to me somewhere, and I would kill to know what it's all about.

This made me laugh today, which was a tough trick since I seem to have the flu.

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