Friday, February 18, 2005

Gotta get to bed, 'cause I'll be helping someone reduce his belly fat tomorrow at 6:30am! (I'm writing this late Thursday evening.)

So, until later tomorrow morning when I'll get to put up a real post, go here and download (at the very least) Zadig by The Gordz and Gal by Oxbow.

The former is a short and to the point visceral near instrumental with the most wonderful guitar "scree" noise popping up about halfway through. Love it!

The latter is by a band that I'll probably talk about more in the future. My description (this track only) would be a cross between Ween's Common Bitch (Oxbow probably wouldn't approve of that comparison, but I stand by it) and the more abrasive side of Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 like, say, Sports Car. And since I love both of those bands, that's a good thing.

The Ween track, incidentally, is from the remastered version of GodWeenSatan, which is beyond essential and sounds about a billion times better than the original.


And Good Morning!

I had a request earlier in the week for some Game Theory. Here's their track Crash Into June, from their album The Big Shot Chronicles. Less quirky than the side of Game Theory/The Loud Family that I like best, but it's nonetheless a great pop song.

And here's the track that finally won me over to Game Theory after many near misses, 24, from their Real Nighttime album. I had heard tracks by Game Theory and/or The Loud Family for years on compilations, but somehow it took this one to put them on my map (after which I bought and fell in love with every frickin' thing by Scott Miller). It's got one of Scott's best sounds-easy-after-the-fact-but-don't-try-this-at-home chord progressions.

Incidentally, there's a sort of competent power-pop band called Crash Into June (I'm not a big fan of or a good judge of power pop, in general) who had an album produced by one Neilson Hubbard who opened for the Loud Family on one of their later tours. And singing on that Crash Into June album is one Garrison Starr, who used to be in a band with Neilson Hubbard called This Living Hand (their unreleased album The TV Sounds Worried, while good, isn't quite the classic that you might have been lead to believe). And, coincidentally, the blog Womenfolk currently has Starr's great version of the Beatles' Taxman posted, here.

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