Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Enon, Fuzzbox, and The Invisible Cities

Fluxblog had a track the other day from the forthcoming Enon album Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence, but I'm not sure he properly conveyed how weird the album as a whole is. It's a singles collection, so maybe "album as a whole" is a strange way to look at at, but the CD really hammers home how all-over-the-place this band has been over its short (in album terms) life. I'm finding myself alternately enthralled and exasperated, and it'll be a while before the dust settles. On the "enthralled" list is Fly South, which starts in Pavement land but quickly commences bobbing and weaving in an effort to emigrate. Love the ending where the guitars all come back at once, after a temporary banishment at the hands of electronica.

The first 7" single I ever bought was Fuzzbox's (née We've Got A Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It) Love Is The Slug. I had come home from school, flipped on the tv, saw the end of the video and turned right around and ran up to the nearest record store who (strangely) had a copy. That's how good it was, and that's why you should listen to it right this second if you've never heard it. It did come out on CD, but I did a side by side and there's some indefinable charm to my slightly scratchy vinyl version that I prefer. The song was recently mentioned on I Love Music, which jogged my memory and sent me running for the singles box.

Saving the best for last, I was sitting around last night still feeling sick when I got an email from someone asking me to check out their band. Bumper Cars by The Invisible Cities knocked my socks off enough that I emailed them back about five seconds after I'd finished listening to it for the third time and asked for an mp3 to post. Call it Bangles meet post punk or something along those lines. The rest of the album can be streamed (via a better-than-usual interface, btw) here. It's got the genial feel of a certain kind of wide eyed early-90's indie rock that I though had gone out of production in the grim 00's, and it's making me extremely happy and slightly nostalgic. Recommended strongly for anyone with a Small Factory/Versus/Tsunami/Unrest/Velocity Girl/etc. album in their collection. Check also the track Tentacle if you stream the album, but really the whole thing's great.

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