Thursday, January 06, 2005


Ugh, so it's turning into one of those weeks. I have a bunch of not-on-CD albums that I want to post (including still more on the Steve Kipner/Skyband story) and various and sundry other things, but I just can't seem to get the time to sit down at the computer for more than a few minutes.

Another problem I've been having is that every time I set out to listen to something new, I seem to get bored and end up listening to I Like Girls in Russia (see last post) and when I manage to stop myself from listening to that, I've been obsessively listening to The Flying Lizards song Hands 2 Take, from their Fourth Wall album. It kind of reminds me of a cross between Eno's Baby's on Fire and Kevin Ayers' Song From the Bottom of a Well, with the addition of a pouty New Wave girl singer.

Fourth Wall is an album that deserves better treatment than I'm going to give it (also better treatment than Allmusic gives it -- no review? Come on!) but if you're a fan of, oh I don't know, maybe an oddball approach to strategies from Brian Eno's rock albums and work with Cluster (I'm especially thinking of the song Broken Head), it's a record that you'll probably want check out. There's a lot more to The Flying Lizards than Money and Summertime Blues... I guess that's the main point.

Other examples? Well, OK... here's a song that's not officially by The Flying Lizards, but it's by The Flying Lizards. It's called The Laughing Policeman, and was released under the band name The Suspicions. I thought about pairing it with Bowie's The Laughing Gnome, or with Robyn Hitchcock's Do Policemen Sing, but maybe some other time.

Instead, here's another Fourth Wall track, a cover of Curtis Mayfield's Move On Up (single version, 'cause I'm running out of space). I keep thinking that this could have been a minor hit if it had been released in 2004... it has a very "now" feel. Why this album is out-of-print, I couldn't say. It shouldn't be.

All the Flying Lizards information you're likely to need can be found here.

Anyone want to hear Grey Scale next?

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