Tuesday, January 11, 2005

One more track from The Yellow Box will be in this space tomorrow. [Ok, here's Potomac, with a plane crash soundbite that probably seems more resonant now than when it was recorded back in the early 80's. The beginning of this track sounds an awful lot like The Fall's Winter, which is slightly interesting since they were recorded around the same time...though I doubt that either track influenced the other.]

Meanwhile, more link updating. Pitchfork is gone because, having been somewhat justifiably harangued out of their little indie world, they're now nearly identical to reading Fluxblog and I Love Music, so why expend the extra effort. I finally added 20 Jazz Funk Greats, who have an especially terrific post up right this second (Royal Trux et al.). Should have done that long ago, but I hate updating my template because once Blogger ate it and I had to redo everything. (Now I have it saved as a text file, but old phobias die hard.) Blogship is gone because I never read it. Can anyone recommend a good hip-hop site for people who like weird hip-hop and don't have the slightest interest in that genre's politics? I like Dana Dane, MF Doom, some Dizzee Rascal and various things that young people always tell me are "old school" with a look that resembles blank respect (the blank part probably being more felt than the respect part).

And finally, on the subject of links, I'm more and more convinced that Locust St. could be the mp3 blog that really justifies the form, if he keeps up the current level of quality. Subject matter is music from the 40's, but even if you could give a fig about that, it's still worth reading. Great writing, great photos, great details. The link is over there on the left. I'm counting the minutes till NPR does a feature (and that is not, as it normally would be, a backhanded compliment).

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