Thursday, January 13, 2005


Ok, this continues the previous post, so go there if you didn't download the suspiciously Beatle-esque Have You Heard The Word by The Fut.

So I was listening to that song in my kitchen and my wife walked in and I said, "Guess who this is!" with this goofy smile on my face: the kind of smile that says, "C'mon, say 'The Beatles.'"

And she replies, with the sort of patience that you get after living with me for a while, "Let me guess, Skyband." Damn her! And she's pretty much right.

The full story of The Fut is here, and an interesting story it is. The short version is that The Fut were Steve Kipner (our friend from Skyband aka the guy who co-wrote Genie In A Bottle) and Steve Groves, recording at the time as "Tin Tin," with some drunken help from Maurice Gibb and his friends. The song was released as a single, kind of illegitimately, and rumor quickly had it that it was The Beatles in disguise. Later it started turning up on Beatles bootlegs, and later still Yoko Ono tried to register a copyright for it.

It's currently available on a really, really, really cool CD that came out last year on the Castle Music label called Maybe Someone Is Digging Underground (The Songs Of The Bee Gees) which features cover versions of various Bee Gees composed songs.

One of the best is this soul version of To Love Somebody, performed by P.P. Arnold, one of Ike and Tina Turner's back-up singers (apparently the song was originally composed for Otis Redding to sing, before the Bee Gees decided to record it themselves).

I really recommend the Maybe Someone Is Digging Underground CD. The liner notes are fascinating, and the vast majority of the cover versions range from good to great (there are one or two clunkers). And it was wonderful to finally hear a non-acetate performance of Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator!

More on Tin Tin coming next week.

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