Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Ok, so getting back to Simon Fisher Turner...

After leaving The The, Simon and his friend Colin Lloyd Tucker (who some Kate Bush fans may know...see, yesterday's post wasn't totally random) decided that it might be fun to pretend to be women and record several albums of very strange, quasi-ambient, sometimes soothing/sometimes creepy, song-length sound sculpture collage things. And so began the careers of Gemini Forque and Claudine Coule.

Now that we have the internet, the whole Deux Filles thing is kind of less fun/mysterious, since anyone with access to Google can figure out what's what. But there was a time when it was practically impossible to get info about strange recordings, and this one was a real mystery to a lot of people. (The person who introduced me to Deux Filles loved them "because women never seem to make music like this.")

There were two Deux Filles albums. One (pictured above) did come out on CD, though the LP is a thing of amazing beauty and if you ever see a copy for a remotely reasonable price, snap it up. The second album, Double Happiness, was vinyl only, and hard as hell to find. I mean really, seriously hard to find. Like, basically impossible to find unless you were blessed with huge amounts of luck by a tribe of happy magical elves.

And now for the exciting news:

While trolling Soulseek, I recently came across a folder containing The Arcade Fire doing a complete cover of Wilco's demos for a forthcoming tribute to The Flaming Lips.

Oh, wait. Sorry, that's something I'm only going to post on my secret blog.

But I am thrilled to announce that Double Happiness is finally available on CDR, from Colin Lloyd Tucker himself (he'll even sign your copy). Go here for details. It's mastered (apparently with great care) from vinyl, as the master tapes are gone daddy gone.

I just want to stress that you may very well be grumbling about the fact that you don't know about my secret blog (which means you also missed my recent contest whose prize was tickets to a top-secret Killers show, with Asobi Seksu opening -- by the way, did you know that Asobi Seksu means "food madness" in Italian?), but I can pretty much guarantee you that several people (probably in Japan) have begun jumping up and down with excitement after reading the previous paragraph.

Double Happiness is a little stranger than Silence & Wisdom. I've posted tracks from S&W before, and I'm rushing to get this post up, so for now here's just one sample from Double Happiness. I'm not 100% sure, because the album flows in a way that makes it hard to relate the track names to what you're hearing (I didn't get my CDR yet, so this is from vinyl) but I'm pretty sure this is Albert the Mud Fish followed by the ultra creepy Who art in Heaven. One of the instruments listed on the album is "Insane Woman" btw.

I'll try to expand this post tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure I had something ready to go, as I may be busy until the evening.

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