Saturday, January 08, 2005

Everyone who failed to tell me about the wonderful New York City funded video show New York Noise is hereby banned from ever reading this blog again.

We don't really have cable (our tv is hooked up to the cable that goes to my modem, via a splitter) so I never really checked out anything above channel 13 (PBS) assuming that it was all Japanese westerns (not that they don't have their charms). But tonight while trying to torment my wife, who was underneath a cat or two and unable to reach the remote, I was flipping randomly and stumbled onto channel 25 right in the middle of Night Nurse by Dean Wareham and his main squeeze. If you go to the listings homepage, you'll see there's lots of other great stuff.

But you knew that, and just didn't want me to find out. Well Ha! I found it.

Thank you Mr.'re the best!

[Update after watching the whole show: My Favorite are the clear winner, though they remind me almost exactly of Heavenly. The Chromeo video is kind of funny, the Burnside Project video is intermittently interesting, Ari Up is a hippie, that White Magic song really is sort of ok, the Stills really blow, and I realize I really miss low-budget local tv. I'm getting nostalgic for Dance Party USA! Did I mention that they played an Ultra Vivid Scene song in my gym on Wall Street last night and my jaw dropped? Anyway, Goodnight.]

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