Thursday, December 09, 2004

Since I'm taking today off, I'm posting two tracks that relate to recent posts.

Here's another song from Yuji Oniki's Shonen Blue album. It's called Underwater (...just like you) and I'm posting it because a few people requested more Yuji after I wrote about him the other day. I've left a few tracks from Shonen Blue unposted, just in case he ever decides to reissue it on CD.

And even though I've posted it a gazillion times, here's The Upbeats' Jello Party Mania. To recap, a couple days ago an extremely helpful reader finally tracked down the info on the Upbeats possibly promo-only vinyl album from which this song comes. I'm still not sure why it hasn't swept the nation, inspiring "Jello Party Mania Parties" from Athens to Ho-Ho-Kus.

As far as we can tell, this song doesn't appear on the CD rerelease. Strange and disturbing.

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