Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Rare And Unreleased Coil Tracks:

Well. Here we are again. I like this dropping in on the MP3 Blog World every once in a while. Solstice was three days ago as I write this, and the light is slowly coming back here above 40 degrees latitude.

There have been a number of tragic music-related deaths this year, and I also celebrate the one-year anniversary of a friend dying. Although John Peel's passing hurts our overall culture more than anyone in a while, the one that hurt the most for me was Coil's John Balance. I used to get so confused about who this Geoff Rushton guy was and why he disappeared from the Psychic TV lineup at the same time Sleazy did, but wasn't in Coil... ? You get the picture. I most appreciated Loki's writing on the subject but loved the Brainwashed tribute video as well. They have a well-written tribute up at their website, which they will continue with some changes. The band name will not be used for any new projects, but there's at least one more coming out.

I have, laughably, attempted to be an amateur Coil completist since the beginning, at least in terms of having good recordings if not originals. They've made it easier over the years by rereleasing some rare stuff, but not all. So here are some special treats for the MP3 world in memory of...

"Is Suicide A Solution?" (B-side of "Airborne Bells" 7" on Clawfist)
The website notes: "Is Suicide A Solution?" is a reworking of "Who'll Fall" from Stolen and Contaminated Songs, but is slightly remixed and features an opening which speaks "I am the loneliest link in a very strange chain," and an ending which, when spun backwards plays "When the gods want to punish you, they answer your prayers..."

">"Keelhauler" (B-side of "The Wheal" 7")
I believe this was issued in some insane micro-edition by the band, but my copy came with the Normal Records reissue of the Gold Is The Metal LP. Unfortunately not included on the CD reissue.

"Crumb Time" (from the Backwards demos)
Their most famous unreleased project, purportedly the followup to Love's Secret Domain on Trent Reznor's Nothing label, this record apparently exists only in demo form. The latest website update notes that some of these recordings will be reissued on the forthcoming posthumous Coil release.

"Gay Men's Guide To Safe Sex" (unreleased)
Supposedly the soundtrack to a video, listed amongst numerous unfinished/unreleased projects on the old version of their website. For all I know this could be a fake track, but it sure sounds like them. Downloaded via Limewire.

"Journey To Avebury" (unreleased)
B-side of a 2-track 10" on the Twin Tub And Beaver label that may have even gotten to the test pressing stage before falling through for some reason. This one is the real treasure of the batch, a very fine slab of atmosphere with better sound than the two previous tracks.

In a day or two I shall return with another dead genius, Buddhist disco-dancing avant cello player Arthur Russell, and some commentary related to him. Now I must go finish downloading an unreleased Sun Ra poetry reading...

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