Monday, December 13, 2004


In addition to hosting Motherbanger, the WFMU mp3 spot also has the Peter Cook/Dudley Moore song LS Bumblebee. The notes make reference to Derek & Clive, and since not everyone knows who they were and since it is nearly Christmas, here's the opening of the Derek and Clive (Live) album (the tracks are The Worst Job I Ever Had leading into This Bloke Came Up To Me).

Um...don't listen to that at work. I don't know why I brought up Christmas.

Here are 60's archaeologists Death By Chocolate with their take on LS Bumblebee.

And here's Bongwater with their take on the Dudley Moore composed Bedazzled, which was performed by Peter Cook in the movie of the same name, which is very likely the cleverest movie I've ever seen.

You can hear the original Bedazzled, the b-side (Love Me) and all sorts of other stuff, including Derek & Clive outtakes, at this very thorough Peter Cook centered site.

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